A little bit about our studio

Kivos Studio | Software Development

who are we

We are a group of friends that started their career in a startup that transitioned into a big corporation. While corporate life has its perks, we were really missing the startup atmosphere, and we decided that we want to live the startup life, build products, disrupt industries.

That's when we formed a small, young team filled with enthusiasm. We quickly started working on new projects, exploring new technologies with our clients, learning, gathering experience, expanding the network.

Now, 2 years later, we can say that our collective experience is great, our team is expanding, our will to build new things is even bigger, and our challenging culture is what we cherish the most. Reach out to us if you want to meet us, we don't need to work together to share experiences and show support. We'll always be here for people that share our passion!


  • 1
    product workshop

    Product workshop

  • 2
    architecture design

    Architecture design

  • 3
    mvp definition

    MVP definition

  • 4

    MVP design & implementation

  • 5
    feedback gathering

    Feedback gathering & iteration

Meet our team members

Igor Vukovic

WordPress Developer

Strahinja Bogavac

Project Manager

Uros Solar

Full-Stack Developer

Aleksandra Jovanovic

Front-End Developer

Robert Jakupak

CTO & Full-Stack Developer

Nikola Mitrovic

Nikola Mitrovic

CEO & Product Manager

Let's do something extraordinary together!

Do you have a question, an idea or project you need help with? To learn more about how Kivos Studio can help you, contact us. We'd be happy to take on the challenge!